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#EveryIndianVolunteering is an effort by IWT to engage Indians in volunteering for various causes. Our goal is to see every Indian eventually volunteer for at least 52 hours a year (1 hour a week on average). As part of the effort, we


  • Build and engage the ecosystem of organisations engaged in volunteering at scale in India- cutting across nonprofits, civic and citizenship networks, corporates, communities, educational institutions, govt bodies, religious and spiritual organisations, volunteering intermediaries and informal groups. 

  • Help organizations think through and figure out how to recruit volunteers at scale (>500 volunteers each).

  • Design and test pilots in partnership with various organisations, research, learn and share learnings with the ecosystem.

  • Convene interactions and curate learning opportunities for the volunteering ecosystem players. 

  • Where relevant, provide funding to help scale up volunteering work significantly.



  • We've worked closely with to create a volunteering section on their site. The initiative currently clocks 10,000+ volunteering hours every month since inception in Jan 2021.

  • We helped iVolunteer and Bhumi organize Volcon 2020, a volunteering conference.

  • We've provided financial support to cover "overheads" of Team Everest and Volunteer For India to help them scale up their volunteering,

  • We've provided a small experimentation grant to ChangeBhumi to test out different experiments to promote volunteering. 

  • We've just launched India's first Volunteering Incubator-


We're eager to see how we can help organisations scale up their volunteering. Reach out to us at dharmaraj.iwt at gmail dot com, if you are


  • An org that engages hundreds or thousands of volunteers or citizens, but would like to scale this up significantly, clocking at least 100,000 volunteering hours a year or more. 

  • A platform with a large user base (at least 1 million +) that would like to engage its user base in volunteering or civic engagement.

  • An entrepreneur or "would be entrepreneur" who wants to work on scaling up volunteering and civic engagement in India.

  • A funder who'd like to support the volunteering/civic engagement ecosystem in India and would like to explore co-funding initiatives.

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