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 We have a STRONG preference to hiring women, people with disability or people from minority religions, backward classes, etc., to help us build a more inclusive and diverse team. We have no intention to relax the hiring criteria, but all things equal, we will prefer candidates from these backgrounds. 

Please note:


  • These are full-time Work-from-Home Roles, working 6 days a week. We offer a fair amount of flexibility in work timings based on need-focusing on work-life integration rather than balance. This requires availability at all times (including Sundays and Holidays) but the freedom to take time off during the week to complete chores. This is a very demanding role requiring a strong willingness to work 50+ hours a week. If you have special circumstances that will prevent you from doing so, we can consider part-time roles. However, we are ONLY interested in hiring people for whom work is a passion, and not people for whom it is merely a source of livelihood. 

  • Our work culture is informal and fun-loving since we are a very small team, but we have high expectations of work output.

  • Compensation will be higher than NGO standards but significantly lower than corporate salaries. It will afford a reasonable standard of living and is linked to the candidate’s qualifications and work experience.

Manager - #EveryIndianVolunteering


  • Understand the volunteering landscape, challenges & opportunities in India

  • Build relationships with all key players in the volunteering ecosystem, including corporate CSR and HR reps, nonprofit leaders and volunteer managers

  • Help organisations network and collaborate, make connections. Understand their challenges and problem solve for them

  • Create “volunteering pipelines” by demographic- e.g., colleges & internship platforms for young students, professional networks and corporates for executives, platforms and websites for homemakers, organisations & platforms for senior citizens, etc. 

  • Curate learning opportunities for the ecosystem

  • Hand-hold and support partner organisations we fund

Competencies required

  • Graduate/post graduate with a good academic record and at least 5-7 yrs' work experience

  • Experience in volunteering organisations or as a volunteer personally, strongly desirable

  • Excellent networking and relationship building skills- must be deeply extroverted and enjoy interacting with people

  • Ability to meet and engage with stakeholders across levels with humility, learn from them and distil their learnings for others.

  • Ability to work hard- we have a 6 day work week.

  • Agile and responsive- must be able to respond to emails promptly, within hours.

  • Very high fluency in spoken and written English


Mumbai, Bangalore or NCR. Occasional travel required.


Between Rs. 6-9 lacs depending on the qualifications and experience of the candidate.

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