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 We have a STRONG preference to hiring women, people with disability or people from minority religions, backward classes, etc., to help us build a more inclusive and diverse team. We have no intention to relax the hiring criteria, but all things equal, we will prefer candidates from these backgrounds. 


Please note:


  • These are full-time Work-from-Home Roles, working 6 days a week. We offer a fair amount of flexibility in work timings based on need-focusing on work-life integration rather than balance. This requires availability at all times (including Sundays and Holidays) but the freedom to take time off during the week to complete chores. This is a very demanding role requiring a strong willingness to work 50+ hours a week. If you have special circumstances that will prevent you from doing so, we can consider part-time roles. However, we are ONLY interested in hiring people for whom work is a passion, and not people for whom it is merely a source of livelihood. 

  • Our work culture is informal and fun-loving since we are a very small team, but we have high expectations of work output.

  • Compensation will be higher than NGO standards but significantly lower than corporate salaries. It will afford a reasonable standard of living and is linked to the candidate’s qualifications and work experience.


While we do not have any open positions at the moment, we'd love to explore potential roles if you find our work interesting and meet the following criteria- 


1. MBA from a top-ranking institution in India or overseas

2. Very strong analytical and quantitative skills, with a good understanding of financial and projections modelling. 




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