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As you can see from What We Do, IWT does not directly implement any programmes ourselves - we are more of a support organisation. 


As part of our work, we do need volunteers, both, highly skilled and general, to support the initiatives we are involved with. We actively seek committed volunteers with the following areas of expertise :


  1. Technology - including technical architecture design, data modeling, web & app development - to support our #EveryIndianVolunteering partner organisations in building more robust, scalable platforms to engage >100K volunteers each. 

  2. Graphic and UI/UX Design - to create collateral for the initiatives we promote and to guide #EveryIndianVolunteering partner organisations in optimizing their user interfaces to increase volunteer conversion and engagement. 

  3. Process Optimization - to help #EveryIndianVolunteering partner organizations improve their volunteer recruitment, engagement and management processes with greater efficiency, higher conversions and higher volunteer satisfaction.

  4. Digital marketing - to help us improve lead generation and conversion rates for #LivingMyPromise as well as for #EveryIndianvolunteering partner initiatives. 

  5. Social Media - to help spread the word about #LivingMyPromise, #DaanUtsav and to manage various social media handles (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) for some of them.

  6. Online Research - for a variety of our research requirements. 

  7. Campaign Managers- to lead and assist in managing campaigns with our partner sites,  using people and project management skills.



 We seek only committed, long term volunteers - people who can give at least 4-6 hours a week of their time, with an intent to volunteer for at least 6 months. If you're interested, please send us a mail at indiawelfaretrust at gmail dot com, with your CV or LinkedIn profile, and a short note on how you'd like to contribute.

If you'd like to volunteer your time for a shorter duration, or to teach children or engage in community service, please check out the links below. 


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