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IWT promotes citizenship, volunteering and philanthropy in India. We believe that if citizens engage in giving back to society, it results in greater harmony, progress and much higher "ownership" of the society people live in.  Our goal is to see every Indian as "a citizen who takes responsibility, a neighbour who cares" (words of Peter Drucker, Managing Nonprofit Organisations). Towards this goal, we currently support the following initiatives :



#EveryIndianVolunteering is an effort by IWT to engage Indians in volunteering for various causes. Our goal is to see every Indian eventually volunteer for at least 52 hours a year (1 hour a week on average).


#LivingMyPromise is an initiative that encourages middle class and wealthier Indians, with a net worth > Rs 1 crore, to commit 50+% of their wealth to philanthropy. Our Principal Trustee is a promisor himself, and part of the #LivingMyPromise community of 80+ promisors. IWT provides minimal staff support and promotional efforts to the initiative, along with several other promisors. 


 #DaanUtsav is India's festival of giving, celebrated every year from Oct 2-8. From auto drivers and maids to CEOs and celebrities, schools, colleges, corporates, nonprofits, communities and networks, millions of Indians across 200+ cities and towns celebrate this festival every year by giving their time, money or skills to causes or individuals they care about. The festival is entirely volunteer driven. IWT hires 1-2 interns or consultants every year to help the volunteers engage more Indians in giving.

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